Fall Pests: 4 Ways to Get Your Home Ready

September 19, 2021
fall pests

If you're anything like us, then fall means cozy nights by the fire watching favorite Halloween movies with a plate of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. After a long summer of fun in the sun, it's nice to have some downtime to relax. But, you're not the only one that's heading inside for the cold weather. The fall pests are coming with you. Living in the Virginia Beach area has it's perks. But, living on the east coast comes with humidity, and humidity comes with bugs. Luckily, you have BioShield for all your fall pest control needs.

Fall Pests Love Moisture

In the summer, bugs usually aren't in your house very often. On your deck and by the fire for sure, but they love the heat so they often stay outside. When it gets colder they head for the moisture and warmth that is in your homes. Here at BioShield we care about the wellbeing of our customers, and the structure of their homes. Today we have compiled a list of tips and tricks for keeping bugs out as the warm months come to a close.

Openings and Cracks

First of all, get rid of any small openings or cracks around the house. Look for any outdoor structural damage on your deck, your porch and the sides of the house. Hopefully any damage is fixable with some caulking or silicone. Inspect your screens for small holes and damages. If any of your window screens have a hole you can either sew it, or you can cover it with nail polish or silicone. If the damage is too much to DIY, it might be time for a new screen. These fall pests will find just about anywhere to enter your house, and you can't let your guard down.

The Basement

Keep your basement clean! Corners full of dusty boxes and leaking machinery is a bug's dream. Get rid of any dust or cobwebs you see and keep everything in dry storage boxes. Cardboard boxes are easily infested. Basements can be the most humid part of the house, so buying a dehumidifier can make a huge difference as well. Clean all the window and basement doors, and check for any small openings. The fall pests will find any hole and make it their ticket to a warm home for the winter.


Keep doorways and other entryways of the house clean. The kids will track in all kinds of dirt and mess, so keep it tidy and the bugs will stay out. Laundry rooms, coat rooms, and mud rooms can be very handy, but only if they stay clean.
Make sure your garage is clean too! We know, we know, our garages get dirty five seconds after we clean them, but it is worth it to keep the bugs out. Make sure the door closes and seals properly as well.

Yard Maintenance

Your yard is also a place that attracts rodents. As the leaves begin to fall and plants die off, it attracts rodents. there may be lots of toys in the yard left over from the summer months, but make sure to get everything cleaned up and leave no room for anything to hide. Regularly mow your lawn and pull all the weeds. Trim all the plants that sit against the house, and make sure there's no tree branches sitting on your roof.

Overall, keeping everything clean is the key! Don't create spaces that the bugs can hide and infest in. Make sure everything is sealed and there's no way they can get in. However, if you've already seen some fall pests in your house, make sure to call us and we will get it taken care of right away!

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