Ruthless Winter Pests: How To Treat

October 21, 2021

Winter Is Here

And winter has begun! When we say that sentence some of you may be cheering for the fact that Christmas is your favorite holiday and skiing is your favorite pastime, but some of you are also mourning the warm weather and fall activities. However, we can bet all of you are dreading the winter pests. During the winter, you probably won't notice that pests have gotten into your home. Some of the bugs will die off due to the cold temperatures, but not before they lay plenty of eggs that hatch in the spring.

When we told you to seal up all the holes and cracks in your house in one of our previous posts, did you listen? No? Well, now is the time to do that. It is crunch time. One of the most common pests during the winter is mice and rats. If a pencil can fit through a hole, so can they. A lot of the tactics we mentioned in our previous post, Fall Pests: 4 ways to get your home ready, are applicable in the winter as well. Make sure everything is clean, seal up any cracks and holes that you can find, and replace window screens with holes in them.

Prepping for Winter

Make sure that your doors seal properly. Learn how to do this at This will also come in handy when trying to stay warm this winter. Out goes the bugs and in stays the warm air. It also might be helpful to install a hinge on the door that closes it automatically. If you have kids, the door gets left open plenty of times throughout the day. This lets bugs in and the warm air out! We don't want that. So, head on over to your nearest hardware store and grab everything you need to seal entrances to your house.

Termites can oftentimes be found in your yard, so clean it up! If it hasn't snowed yet go ahead and mow your lawn and get it ready for the winter. Get rid of all your leaf piles and trim the trees around your house. Termites love wood as we all know, so go ahead and store your firewood away from the house. Make sure that the gutters are draining correctly, keeping moisture away from the house. Bugs live on the outside, so eliminate all outside elements that touch your house. This ruins the bug's entryway.

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Most Common Winter Pests

Some of the most common pests in the winter are mice, termites, and winged ants. We know what you are thinking; why in the world do ants have wings now, we have enough crazy insects already. Don't worry. We are here to keep your home safe from all the crazy insects.

It's helpful to know the signs of these pests. Then you are able to look out for them and get rid of them early on before they infest your home any further.

The biggest sign for mice is their droppings. They aren't very big, but they are still noticeable. This is a telling sign that they have arrived. You will notice holes in your food packing and gnaw marks around the house. Once you see any of these call us right away and we will come out for an inspection.

There are plenty of signs of termites, but you have to look closely. If the paint is peeling or the drywall looks discolored, this could be a sign. A well as small pinpoint holes in the drywall. Pay close attention to the wood in your house as well. If your walls sound hollow when knocked on, the floorboards are coming loose, or there is visibly damaged wood, we would consider calling us for an inspection.

Flying ants don't survive winter on the outside, so if you see them in your home in the winter it is likely they've already infested your home. When ants develop wings it means that they are ready to mate.

Other Tips

  • Make sure you remove your trash correctly! If it's too close to the house or in your garage, it will only keep the pests close by.
  • Restore your basement foundation. This will help keep you safe from pests, but it's also always a good idea to keep the foundation of your home in good shape.
  • Store food properly, and your pet's food as well! Storing your food in glass or metal containers will keep it safe from mice and other pests. Make sure to regularly clean your pets food and water bowls.

When Winter Is Over

When springtime rolls around, all the bugs come out of hiding. They hatch their eggs and you do not want to be around them. All of these tips should keep bugs away from your home in the winter. If they do happen to have found their way into your home and laid eggs for spring give us a call and we will be right over to take care of it!

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