Carpenter Bees



Scientific Name: Xylocopa
1/4" - 1"
Yellow or Black
Throughout the United States

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What are Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees, not to be confused with carpenter ants, look similar to bumble bees. The Eastern Carpenter Bee is fuzzy, yellow, and black. They can be distinguished from bumble bees by their abdomen. You can see their dark shiny abdomen where bumble bees are just fuzzy looking. You can also tell male from female carpenter bees. The male has a whitish/yellowish dot on his face where as the female is all black.

Are they harmful?

The male carpenter bee is the most aggressive and territorial. They will charge anything that comes into their domain. Even if it is a person. The males do not have a stinger so they can only fly at you and hover in front of your face. The females do have stingers, but rarely ever sting.

Carpenter bees are solitary insects and do not live in colonies. They bore a hole into any type of wood they land on. The female goes in about her body length and turns to go along the grain. She lays an egg with a ball of pollen and then seals a chamber off to make a new chamber for another egg. Over years carpenter bees can do lots of damage to facia boards, trim, and to the outside of log homes.

How can you treat them?

Prevention is the best way to keep carpenter bees away from your home. Make sure any exposed wood is either painted heavily or wrapped with flashing and caulked on all sides. If it feels like wood, carpenter bees will try to chew into it. They often squeeze under aluminum wrapped trim because the under side was not caulked.

If you do have a carpenter bee infestation, we highly suggest having one of our professional technicians inspect your property and carry out a treatment if necessary. They will be able to spot any galleries and know the best way to treat the infestation. If you have noticed any signs of infestation or would like your property inspected, make an appointment with us today.

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