Oriental Roaches



Scientific Name: Blatta orientalis
Shiny Black
Northern United States

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What is the Oriental Cockroach?

Oriental Roaches are typically black, shiny, and oval shaped. This type of cockroach is usually found in the northern regions of the United States. Even though "Oriental" is part of its name, it is believed to have originated from Africa. The Oriental Cockroach survives very well outdoors and can be found outside in debris piles, leaf litter, and under rocks and things. They mostly enter homes just like we do, through doors, but going under the threshold. They also may use voids around pipes and opening for air ducts and vents. Once in, they mainly keep to the first level where moisture is. They eat any decaying matter, but really like starchy foods.

Are Oriental Roaches harmful?

Cockroaches do not bite or sting. They are also not the most sanitary of insects. The same goes for German Roaches and American Roaches as well. They have been known to carry bacteria, parasites, and other human pathogens. Along with potentially spreading disease, cockroaches can also trigger allergies. Cockroach allergens have been known to aggravate symptoms of asthma. They also release certain chemicals as a form of communication. These chemicals often leave behind a musty odor.

How can you treat them?

Oriental Cockroach prevention starts with practicing good sanitation. A dehumidifier can also help prevent moisture buildup. Along with eliminating standing water or other water sources that the roaches might have access to. There are three ways to know if you have and Oriental Cockroach infestation:

  • Sightings
  • Discovery of egg capsules
  • Smell

While prevention is key, if you already have an infestation, it may be too late. A licensed pest control professional can help you treat them properly. Call us today at (757) 716-7851 or fill out a service form here on our site.

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