Scientific Name: Armadillilium vulgare
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What are Pillbugs?

Pillbugs are small, dark brown or black, oval shaped insects, more commonly known as a Rollie Pollie. They get the nickname due to the fact that they tend to roll up into a little ball when disturbed or threatened in order to protect themselves. They are found in all regions of the United States and they normally feed on plants or decaying plant material. Pillbugs are mostly active during the night hours and tend to hideaway and remain inactive during the waking hours. Pillbugs, like most other insects, live and thrive in moist or wet locations. You will often find them around plant beds and vegetable debris.

Are they harmful?

Pillbugs are not harmful. They do not bite or spread disease. They are considered to be more of a nuisance pest more than anything else. Much like their distant relatives, sowbugs. They can become a garden pest if the population gets too large.

How can you treat them?

When it comes to Pillbug prevention there are a number of things you can do:

  • Reduce or eliminate all moist locations that make survival possible. That includes grass clippings and fallen leaves. Those tend to be gold mines for Pillbugs, so proper clean-up is key.
  • For Pillbugs that have already entered your home, simply vacuum them up to remove them.

Pillbugs typically enter homes through open doors. If you find a Pillbug in your home, that typically means that there is a large population of them outside your home. If your Pillbug problem continues and you believe you might have an infestation please call us at 757-349-8818 or fill out a service form here on our site.

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