Scientific Name: Oniscidea
Dark Brown
Thoughout the United States

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What are Sowbugs?

Sow bugs are oval bugs about one centimeter in size. Their bodies typically are rounded with seven pairs of legs and two pairs of antennae.

They are sometimes referred to as woodlouse, are not really bugs at all. They are crustaceans that live on land. Sowbugs can’t roll up when they are disturbed like pillbugs. Also, sowbugs have two appendages that look like tails, whereas pillbugs do not.

They feed on organic material and thrive in moist habitats. They most often enter homes via ground-level doors and windows. They have also been known to get into garages or damp basements through structural cracks in home foundations.

A variety of things attract sowbugs to yards and homes including mulch, leaves, and other plants. They can often be found in mulch around foundations, bushes, and in the gardens. That is where they feed decomposing organic matter. Since most areas inside a home are dry, they usually die rather quickly after they come inside.

Are they harmful?

The short answer is no. While they may live in houseplant soil, they usually cause little damage and do not cause harm. Generally speaking, they are just a nuisance. They do not bite or sting and are harmless to humans. However, their presence inside usually means that there is a larger population outside the home.

How can you treat them?

Here at BioShield, our technicians are trained to gently treat the infestation of sowbugs around one’s home. That being said, there are a few things you can do to prevent sowbugs from residing around your premises.

  • Eliminate their hiding places. They will leave or die if there are no damp environments around.
  • If you use firewood, try to stack it off the ground.
  • Move piles of dead leaves and grass clippings. Also, make sure that your downspouts drain away from the foundation of your home.
  • Create a zone next to your house that is clear of mulch and leaves. This can discourage sowbugs from nesting there.
  • Make sure that your doors close tightly and replace weather stripping if necessary. Make sure your basement or crawlspace is well-ventilated.
  • If possible, try to waterproof as much of your home as you can. Reducing the moisture can greatly help with bug problems.

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