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We've Made Some Great Improvements Since You've Been Away!

And We Want You Back!

BioShield is under new management!


Sign-Up For $ 1!

PLUS get a $50 account credit!

When calling, mention Code " ComeBack " to receive this great offer!

We've made huge improvements and we want the opportunity to prove it to you! For a limited time SAVE $194 off of your start-up cost when you sign-up for one of our three service packages and give us the chance to prove we want to earn your pest control and termite control business! (excludes flea and german roaches)



Covers ants, mice, rats, spiders, crickets, millipedes, and centipedes.



Covers all of Basic AND  hornets, yellow jackets wasps bees stink bugs fleas drain flies pantry pests, carpet beetles,  and fire ants. 



Covers all of MyElite AND mosquitoes,  fleas (inside & outside),  ticks (inside & outside), and ornamental pests. 

Call us today to find our more about this limited offer! (866) 604-7378

Serving the Richmond, Virginia Beach and Fredericksburg Areas!

Ask about our new DOCK SERVICE!

1431 Air Rail Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23455  |  4900 Quality Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22408

11614 Busy St, Richmond, VA 23236

Proudly serving Virginia's pest control needs for over 10 years. We eliminate bugs and pests from your home with environmentally friendly products.

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